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Come join the crew at Jillian Fishing Trips onboard their new much loved classic 36’ fishing boat, The Sea Eagle for a relaxing 4-hour fishing trip on Port Phillip Bay.

We offer the lowest price, best value, and longest operating fishing experience on Southern Port Phillip Bay.

The southern area of the Bay is a fantastic aquatic playground with sights and activities for the whole family. The fishing is rewarding but you will also be delighted by the seals, dolphins, pelicans and other wildlife.

We provide all the fishing equipment you need, including bait. The only thing we ask you to bring is a cooler bag or equivalent to take your catch home and, of course, a fishing licence is essential. To purchase licence online go to

Catch a fish or your trip is free!

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Just in time for the School holidays, we will be taking delivery of the Sea Eagle, a 36 foot Pompei built timber charter boat.

Unfortunately our beloved boat the jillian was damaged beyond repair in february,  so we needed to find a replacement as close to the jillian as we could find. We were very happy to find the Sea eagle which was built by the same boat builder very close to the year the jillian was built.

In fact the story goes that the Sea Eagle used to be called the Julie Ann but was changed because it was too similar to the Jillian as they both worked out of Rosebud pier. 

The Sea Eagle is a fantastic boat we are sure that everyone will have the same fantastic experience that they used to have on the jillian

see ya out there

Jillian Fishing Trips


well done to all the paddlers on the mentone to Patterson river down wind paddle, conditions were trying but good for the wave runs

0418 148 426